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Information and Data

We have an extensive data library, built up over many years, consisting of service manuals and schematics for many thousands of radio and TV sets. (We also have an extensive library of manuals for broadcast equipment, which because of their size are treated separately.)

For radio and TV sets we can supply high quality copies at a standard charge of 4.50. We do a special offer of 10 for 3. Please note we do not normally supply data by email, but can do so by request in PDF format for the same charge.

Copies are produced on a digital duplex copier up to A3 in size, any larger will be provided in sections with overlaps. Quality will vary depending on the condition of the originals. The amount of information and number of pages will vary according to what information we have- it can vary from a basic schematic diagram to a full service manual.

We have thousands of valves in stock, but they are not listed- if you require a particular valve just let us know and we can see if we have it. We do not usually stock components such as capacitors etc, but do occasionally offer special offers.


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Radio/TV information

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British Vintage Wireless Society
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