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We are always looking to buy quality pieces of vintage equipment, and associated advertising, catalogues and other items of interest. Especially wanted are:


  • Pre-broadcast and 1920s commercially made wireless sets, amplifiers, tuners etc.
    Examples include Marconi Scientific, Marconi V1, V2, V3, VB4 and any other Marconi valve and crystal models Gecophone valve and crystal sets. Other makers such as BTH, R.I., AJS, Western Electric, Edison Bell, Ericsson, Efescaphone, Sterling, Cosmos Metrovick, Burndept, BSA, Pye and many others also wanted. Horn loudspeakers, crystal amplifiers, military radios and any early valves are also of interest.


  • We are also interested in early gramophones and phonographs, especially external horn models by quality makers such as HMV, Columbia and EMG. table and cabinet machines by HMV are also wanted.


  • 1930s and later classic radios such as Philips, Pye, Ekco,Philco, Pilot, McMichael, GEC, Marconi, HMV and many other makes. Large radiograms or consoles by Dynatron, RGD, Decca, and some EMI (Marconi and HMV) models. Many post war radiograms have no value, but if in doubt send us an email stating make, model etc. and we will get back to you with a straight answer.


  • Televisions, especially pre-war are always wanted, as are early post-war models. Most early 50s are also wanted (Generally sets using a round tube) as are some later models of interest. There are a few televisions made up to the 1970s of unusual design, such as the globe-shaped Keracolor which are of interest to collectors.


  • We are also looking for Military radios and radar equipment, clandestine (spy radios) such as the SOE B2 etc. WW2 aircraft transmitters and receivers such as the R1155/T1154, TR9, as well as Army sets such as the W.S. 18,19, etc.


  • Communications receivers by makers such as Eddystone, Collins, Hallicrafters etc. also wanted.


  • We also buy broadcast television and sound studio equipment, including tube cameras, VTRs, microphones, sound mixers and other equipment.


There are many more items than we can possibly list here. If you have anything you might think will be of interest, email us or give us a call on 01244 530300.





Do you have a collection to sell?
We can make you an offer for the lot, whatever quantity or condition.
Sheds, attics, business premises cleared.
We have experience of dealing with deceased estates, shop clearance etc.

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