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Buying with confidence

We have been dealing in vintage technology for nearly 20 years and our continuing success is largely due to establishing a good reputation for accurate descriptions, realistic prices and honest, friendly service.

Our main aim is for our customers to be satisfied with their purchase. We would rather lose a potential sale than send out something which might not be what the customer wants. Ideally, we prefer you to see and handle the item before purchase, but obviously this is not always possible. The next best thing is a fully accurate description.

We can supply further photos and details by email if you want, as we don't have the time to describe every tiny detail of each item, but if you want a fully detailed description just give us a ring and ask anything you want, it is a lot quicker than email and more accurate than a photo. If the item is not then as described when it arrives you are completely within your rights to ask for your money back. We want our customers to be delighted with their purchases and come back for more!

Interested in something?

Please mail us first to find out if it is still available, and to find out more details. We will be able to give a more detailed description and answer specific questions, perhaps sending additional photographs.

Why not pay us a visit? You are welcome to browse and can pick up many bargains which will be cheaper than car boot sale prices. You can sometimes by a complete radio for the price of a valve. Because of the bulky nature of some pieces, the cost of shipping them can be more than the value, so obviously we can't really display them here. We do have a number of vintage radios, TVs etc. which are either of little interest to most collectors or are fit only for spares.

Please contact first to arrange an appointment, as we cannot guarantee to be open at any set times.

Payment and shipping

We can accept payment by cheque (in Sterling only, drawn on a Bank with a UK branch), or by most internationally accepted credit or debit cards. (Unfortunately we do not accept Amex.) Please make cheques payable to ON THE AIR LTD.

We are not yet convinced that internet security is sufficiently reliable for direct ordering by card. We do not want either ourselves or our customers to be targeted by fraudsters, so to make a purchase by card we request that you send card details by one or more e-mails, by fax or telephone to (+44) 01244 530300

We can only send goods to the address of the registered cardholder.

We want to send your goods by the cheapest method consistent with minimum risk of damage. This varies according to the nature of the item and the destination, but in most cases it will have to be fully insured. Within the UK we usually use an overnight service which is very reliable. This costs £20 for up to 10Kg, plus 50p/Kg above this weight. There are other options depending on the weight/size/value/destination.

Insurance for over £250 value is extra at cost.

For overseas shipment we will try to find the best deal. Please contact us for a quote. For some items international parcel post can be used, but for larger or more delicate items we use a specialised airfreight agent who can quote us prices door to door or to airport only, which can give an appreciable saving. Shipping outside the EC is not subject to VAT.